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Traffic Accidents

Traffic Accident: Traffic accident includes any accident with a motorized car. It generally involve accident between two or more cars but one of the party can be pedestrian, passengers of a car, bicyclist, bird scooter driver, or a motorcycle driver.

We represent drivers, passengers, pedestrians and bicyclists who are seriously injured in accidents as a result of another's act.

Preparing for  an Accident

  1. Keep your insurance company ID card
  2. Keep a current vehicle registration
  3. Medical alerts detailing personal allergy or health conditions that may require special attention if you are seriously injured

What to Do in Case of an Accident

Here is a list of things to keep in mind in the event of an accident.

  1. Stop. Make sure you stay at the scene and have the opportunity to speak to the other driver or the police, if one is called.  
  2. Stay Calm. Whatever you do, try to stay calm. Accident is a stressful event which  may cause one to unreasonably act out.  
  3. Safety First.  Do check to see if the people including yourself and the others are away from common danger zone, you may want to move your car to the side, or turn on hazard lights.    
  4. Check for Injuries. Check to see if everyone's okay. It's ok to ask the other party 
  5. Call 911. Call for 911 if anyone involved in the crash is injured. You may want to follow the instruction of a medically trained personnel before moving a person or perform perform emergency aid of any sort.
  6. Call the Local Police. If 911 is called, the operator may dispatch police to your location. If not, you may want to contact the local police office for help.
  7. Information of Accident. Exchange names, telephone numbers, driver license number, make, model, plate number of the other car(s) involved
  • The Incident. The time and date, a description and exact location of the accident scene, and any recollection of your vehicle's handling or mechanical functioning immediately prior to the crash. 
  • Involved Parties. Names, addresses, telephone numbers, vehicle and driver's license numbers, and insurance carriers. 
  • Witnesses. Names, addresses, and contact information. 
  • Police Officers. Names, badge numbers, where to obtain a copy of the police report, and issuance of any citations.
  • Photograph the scene. You may wish to take some  photos that reveal the overall condition of your accident — road conditions, intersection site, skid marks, traffic signs or lights, etc.

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